BBC will release the series about Marilyn Monroe



BBC Studios will release a drama series about the last months of Marilyn Monroes life. This project entitled The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe tells the story of the relationship of the cinema icon with Hollywood studios and relationships with John and Robert Kennedy. 

  The BBC is developing a project with screenwriter Dan Sefton (Trust Me) and producer Simon Lupton of Seven Seas Films. The series will be based in part on Keith Badmans book The Last Years of Marilyn Monroe: The Shocking True Story.

Monroe died in 1962 at the age of 36 and still remains the subject of admiration. She was a symbol of America, the object of dreams millions men, a beauty girl that many women envied, an actress whose instant rise to the top of fame seemed a miracle. But in real life she was a tragic figure. Frustrated personal life and vain efforts to prove to directors that she is capable of something more than beauty demonstration.

The series will show that period of Marilyns life when her behavior became increasingly unstable due to her addiction to alcohol and drugs, which led her brilliant career to the final. The series will feature the story of Marilyn Monroe from different perspectives. Topics such as power, love, devotion and politics will be raised.

The main question remains: who can reincarnate in the legendary American actress - Marilyn Monroe?