The Versailles Palace will host an electronic music festival


This summer the Palace of Versailles will host an electronic music festival for the very first time- Versailles Électro. 

A symbol of opulence, decadence and indulgence in pre-revolutionary France, is the Palace of Versailles one of the most visited landmarks in France, drawing in nearly ten million visitors annually. Built by King Louis XIV in the mid-17th century, the state-owned palace and its gilded Hall of Mirrors is just an hours drive from Paris and remains a dazzling example of Baroque and Rococo splendour. 

Event will take place in the Hall of Mirrors - in the very one that, during construction in the 17th century, was supposed to embody not only new artistic solutions or highlight the greatness of the king, but also demonstrate that the kingdom is capable of producing glass. It was there that people for the first time could see themselves in full growth. 

Earlier, the residence of the French kings has already hosted high-profile exhibitions: for example, a wide resonance caused the installation of modern sculptor Anish Kapoor, the work of photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto and artist Takashi Murakami, also held an exhibition of Olafur Eliasson . However, for the first time DJs Breakbot x Irfane, Baby P, Mid and SoMe will come to the Museum and arrange a musical performance in the walls of the famous Palace and Park ensemble. The event is scheduled for June 8, and it will definitely go down in history.