Oysho brand introduced a new line of swimsuits Colorista from recycled materials


 Oysho     Colorista,      .
Oysho is constantly striving to find the best environmental solutions: using recycled or organic raw materials, extending the service life of packaging, reducing waste generation, energy and water consumption, and gas emissions during transportation.

"We are committed to a future that respects our planet. We work with suppliers who guarantee greater quality with a lower environmental and social impact", - Oysho website.

The outer part is made of polyester, which is obtained from plastic bottles, and the filler is made of polyamide, which contains parts of recycled fishing nets, carpets, and residues from the production of fabrics. Thus, the brand is constantly evolving in the collection Join life. You can find all models on the website and Oysho stores.

Early on, Oysho expanded OYSHO_SPORT sportswear line and released a special collection for crossfitness.