Kim Kardashian was a descendant of the Scottish king


     Journalist Craig Williams conducted a study on the ancestors of Kim Kardashian from the British Isles. It turned out that her family was the direct descendants of Rob Roy, a famous Scottish rebel. This real historical character, who became a hero of the legends, was a descendant of Gregor MacGregor, and he in turn was the brother of Kenneth MacAlpin, the first king of the Scots. Interestingly, his descendant is a fighter Connor MacGregor.

Craig Williams said that starting his investigation, I did not think that it would come to such famous personalities. If the MacGregors claim to have a direct relationship with the Scottish kings, perhaps Kim could have claimed her rights to the throne, - the journalist said.

Kim had already learned about her royal origin, and, judging by three emodzhi at once in the form of crowns in her tweet, she is not at all against her new status. And Connor MacGregor, seeing the news that Kim is a distant relative of him, wrote: Welcome to the family.