German brand Jil Sander announced the launch of a new line of clothing


  Jil Sander

Brand announced the launch of a new collection called Jil Sander +. Things from the new collection will be suitable for both outdoor activities and those who appreciate comfort. Luke and Lucy Meyer, the designers who are currently heading the fashion house, spent a lot of time traveling in the mountains, skiing and snowboarding, as well as climbing. This was the impetus for the creation of a new line.

To create the first collection in the framework of the season FW 2019, the brand collaborated with Mackintosh: the collaboration included items from the famous rubberized fabric: raincoats, anoraks, hoods, and down jackets. Also, Jil Sander plans to release a Japanese denim capsule collection. There will enter trousers, shirts, jackets and overalls.

The main tasks Jil Sander - minimalism and high-quality performance of every detail. This brand support the philosophy of creating fashion beyond time and even out of season. This is the secret of the brands success.