The Victorias Secret Fashion Show Will No Longer Show on Network TV


Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret refuses to broadcast shows on television. Though the show first aired in 2001, attracting millions of viewers, viewership has been rapidly declining in the past half decade. Last year, Victoria's Secret watched only 3.3 million viewers, which was a record drop in the audience for the show. According to the Times, it has dropped by roughly two-thirds in that time. And while this doesnt necessarily mean that the company is doing poorly  it remains the largest lingerie company in the world it does show that they are becoming increasingly out of step with consumers.We decided to revise the traditional format of the show Victoria's Secret, - said Leslie Wehner, CEO of L Brands. According to her, the show needs to evolve and grow further in order to create an absolutely new type of entertainment event.

Recall that in November 2018, the general director of L Brands Inc., which owns the Victoria's Secret brand, Jan Singer left the company amid a scandal unfolding around the brand's show.

After the show, the brand was criticized for the lack of diversity among the models - in particular, there were no transgender people or models with different figures in the casting of the show. Edward Rasek, head of marketing at Victoria's Secret, in an interview with Vogue magazine said that the brands show is a fantasy and he does not consider it necessary to include various models in it.

Razek's comment caused condemnation from the users of social networks and the fashion community. Later, he made a formal apology for his words, but Singer still considered it necessary to resign as CEO of the brand, although he hasnt commented on her departure yet. She spent two years in this position.