Diane von Furstenbergs Granddaughter Talita Designs Her First Capsule Collection for the Brand


        . The granddaughter of designer Diane von Furstenberg joins the family business. 19-year-old Talita released the first TVF collection of her grandmother's brand, DVF. The cost of things varies from 168 for a skirt to 298 dollars for a maxi dress. 

The famous brand of women's clothing DVF sought to attract a younger audience, so the choice fell on the granddaughter of the founder of the brand. There are no branded dresses with a smell in the collection - Talita went her own way.

When I was 6, I asked my grandma if I could change the name of the brand to Talita Von Fürstenberg once I took over the reins () Ive always wanted to work with DVF. Im so incredibly honored and excited to finally get to be part of such an amazing companyand, well, my collection is called TVF so its not that far off from my childhood vision

The capsule collection consists of 23 models in delicate floral shades: feminine chiffon dresses, romantic summer sundresses, crop tops and skirts with delicate floral prints, in other words, everything that a 19-year-old girl would wear.