Actress and Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie spoke at the UN General Assembly


The famous actress spoke at a meeting of the UN General Assembly, which was dedicated to peacekeeping operations in the world. For Angelina Jolie, such events are not new, this is her third performance.

  In her inspiring speech, Jolie not only touched upon the unfair treatment of women in many developing countries, but also repeated that she was a patriot of her homeland and wished for the prosperity of the United States. She stated that it is necessary to ensure that people who commit crimes against women are brought to justice and punished.

For her performance, the actress picked up an elegant, but at the same time strict style: she added an elegant white blouse and black skirt with a beige jacket. Nudo shoes, red bag from Valentino, gold pendant on the neck, styling and light day makeup with an emphasis on red lips are the end of the look.