Billy Ailish became the heroine of the new Calvin Klein campaign


      Calvin Klein

Brand Calvin Klein decided to build a dialogue with his audience as part of a new development strategy launched after the departure of creative director Raf Simons from the company.

The first step was the advertising campaign I Speak My Truth In #Mycalvins, one of the heroines of which the brand chose the singer Billi Aishish. In the new campaign, celebrities tell their own life stories, encouraging others to sincerity and self-expression. So, for example, Ailish explains in the video his choice of baggy clothes by saying that she doesnt want others to know everything about her and criticize her figure.

Together with her in the shooting took part Sean Mendez, Noah Sentineo, Chika Oranik, Kendall Jenner. In the photographs, the author of which was the famous Italian photographer Mario Sorrenti, they pose in T-shirts, hoodies, jeans, jackets, sneakers and underwear from the spring-summer collection of the American brand.

It takes an outstanding amount of courage to voice your opinion and speak truth It takes courage that, in spite of being misunderstood, you can still speak your truth and can still go out on a limb to say, This is important to me, - Noah Centineo