Emma Roberts become the Ambassador Tous



Actress Emma Roberts famous for many people on the series American Horror Story, become the Ambassador of the jewelry brand Tous. She reported this news to her subscribers in Instagram - @emmaroberts. The girl has published picture from the shooting advertising campaign spring-summer collection Tous, entitled Stay Tender, where she posing with brand box on a pink background.

Tous representatives say that the world would be better, if everyone expressed their feelings freely and without fear of condemnation. One should not be afraid to show emotions and show the tender side of his nature. Introducing the new global ambassador, 28-year-old Emma Roberts, the company wanted to state that it appreciates the creativity of young talents. 

 A song. A word. A gift. There are many ways to feel tenderness and many ways to show it. Find out about them very soon in our new advert starring Emma Roberts. Keep feeling it. Stay Tender - @tousjewelry

Recall, earlier ambassadors of this brand were such stars as: Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow.