Whoopi Goldberg launches its own clothing line


Well-known actress, producer and TV presenter Whoopi Goldberg announced the launch of her own label called Dubgee. The first collection, which will be released on May 15, will include T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies with ironic inscriptions, as well as shirts, tunics and dresses. The main feature of this brand will be a wide dimensional grid, which will end with the American 24 size (XXXXL).

The idea for Dubgee came to Goldberg after a summer 2017 trip to Greece, what she described as her first proper vacation in more than 25 years. She wanted to buy free and flowy pieces to wear while she was there, but couldnt find anything.

I started feeling kind of weird about my body, which is something I had never experienced before, she said. And it suddenly occurred to me that if thats how Im feeling, maybe other people are feeling the same way.

This is as serious to me as anything else Ive done in my life, she said, describing fashion as self-expression. The first thing you should communicate is, I like me.  I think the motto of the company is, The last thing you should ever fret about is whats in your closet.

Dubgee launches May 15 on Amazon, Ashley Stewart, Le Tote and Neiman Marcus.