Released the trailer for the fifth season of the series "Black Mirror"


The Netflix channel posted the official trailer for the fifth season of the Black Mirror series. In total there will be three episodes that can be seen already on June 5th. The new season of the show will tell about collective anxiety in the modern world, and each episode will be a sharp and tense story exploring modern techno-paranoia, with an unforgettable and sometimes alarming end.

In addition, the fifth season added to the star composition. In the filming of the series took part (Moriarty from Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch), Anthony Mackie (Falcon from the Marvel cinema universe) and singer Miley Cyrus.

In one of the series will show a virtual assistant, like a smart column Alexa from Amazon, which supports its owner in the desire to become a pop star. In the other - the influence of dating applications on marriage and in the third - the broadcast of armed confrontation.

Black Mirror first appeared on screens in 2011. It was created by the script of the English satirist writer and TV presenter Charlie Brooker. The series shows a satire on modern society and the impact of IT technologies on human relationships.